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Linda Beaty Langston

Profile Updated: July 2, 2020
Linda Beaty
Residing In:
Abilene, TX USA
Lindsay Langston (Hardaway), born August 1982
Megan Langston (Kohler), born February 1984
Mindy More…Langston, born February 1984
Jordan Langston (Grun), born March 1988

Lucy Jones Hardaway, born July 8, 2010
Claire Ann Hardaway, born February 2, 2012
Nellie Catherine Hardaway, born August 28, 2014
Hazel Rose Grun, born September 29, 2014
Margaret (Maggie) Anne Kohler, born April 15, 2015
Atticus Langston Grun, born April 8, 2016
Landon Eugene Kohler, born July 14, 2016
Henry Jones Hardaway, March 26, 2018
Mark Lawrence Kohler, December 8, 2018
Ruthie Grun, July 7, 2019
Yes! Attending Reunion
School Story:

I have many....many wonderful memories of high school. The summer before my junior year, the student council officers attended a camp at SMU. When we arrived at the camp, Mary McGinn and I could not believe how short the other girl's skirts and dresses were. So Max Irwin went and got us a needle and thread.....and the next day Mary and I fit right in with the short skirts and dresses. John Chitwood, Doug Whitman and Brad Scott could not believe the transition that Mary and I made in a few short hours!!!

My bestest buddy...Leslie Price and I have many memories of crazy things we would get into.....and I often wonder how many miles we put on her GTO???

I will always remember cheerleading tryouts.....running, smiling, running, smiling. I loved my fellow cheerleaders....we had so much fun!! I will always remember painting signs in the hot gym in the summer. We would use the BIG BLACK MARKER to do all the printing.....and I can remember how after a few minutes of using this marker, I would get groofy(groofier than usual) and I would run up and down the stairs yelling "Ernie." (and everyone in the gym knew who Ernie was) I am sure everyone that painted signs with me will remember that story.

My love for Coach Dennis Briles...and how I would write notes about how cute he was and his bald head! One night, Patti Pittman and her mom picked me up and there was another lady in the car with them. Patti started to tell her Mom how much I loved Coach Briles......and she got me to talking about him. Found out in a few minutes, the other lady in the car was his wife. Good thing she had a good sense of humor.

Sophomore initiation.....can you believe that our parents would agree to let some older girls come pick us up in the wee hours of the morning....and give them permission to do all sorts of things to us....eat garlic, crack eggs on our heads, pour molasses over us, put bananas down our pants and make us sit down, wear liver under each arm.....and sizzle like bacon for the senior boys!!!! Unbelievable....that parents would be so inconsiderate. It is a wonder that we lived through that night.....being left in a graveyard! But then, we could not wait until it was our turn to be the initiators.

Escoe Webb....and the chimes he would play before the morning announcements. Especially when you had to make an announcement...and watching him get ready to play the chimes....clearing his throat....and having to keep your composure during all of this. Many a times....afte Escoe's production....by the time I was to speak....I had forgotten what I was to talk about.

Going with Bev Ball and the other cheerleaders to out of town games in her thunderbird......and sometimes we would take first year teacher, Charlie Perkins along on the trip with us. I am not for sure how we all fit in that car....but I know we did not wear seatbelts!

The seniors locking themselves in the gym for a senior stunt. How did we do that.....I could not believe I was doing that!!! Might have been the "wildest moment" of my senior year!!

The AHS-CHS football game our senior year....it snowed.....and it was so cold. AND we lost by 2 points.

Steve Jeter taking my gloves in the cafeteria one day at lunch....and I went running after him. I heard (and felt) the floor shaking behind me....turned around and Ricky Gray was chasing me. I stopped and he passed me by.....ran up and grabbed Steve by the shirt.....lifting him completely off the ground....and said "give her back her gloves." From that day on....Ricky became my personal body guard. Thanks Ricky!

Oh another great memory.....Some friend set me up with a BLIND DATE...........anyway, when he came to pick me up.....I opened the door....and OMG he looked just like Elvis Presley(even had on a leather jacket with those long strings). All the way to the Paramont all I could think about is ....I hope no one see me with this guy....and HOW can I LOSE THIS GUY???? So as soon as we sat down....and right before the movie started I told him I needed to go to the bathroom....and went straight to the pay phone and called my mother......told her to come pick me up..........wonder if he is still sitting there?????

When I was a sophomore.....I fell down the front stairwell....right in front of all the Seniors.....my head was bleeding....but I told everyone...."don't worry about me....I'm OK."

My fellow cheerleaders.....trying to teach me how to do a cart wheel!!! Hilarious.....we always had to think of me something different to do when they did cart wheels!!

The football game that I tripped on my shoe stings leading the football team on the field.....on the 50 yard line....No astroturf for me.....just pure green grass stains from my head to toes!!!!!

Spanish Class...Junior Year with Miss Collins.....first three days of class, I was tardy! On the third day, I walked in the room and quietly walked to my chair.....and Miss Collins said..."would someone like to tell Miss Beaty what happens when you are tardy to a class three times in a semester?'' In unison....."you get sent to the office." I thought "thank you class." Then....Miss Collins decided she wanted each person to stand up and show how they could "row their r." My turn came ......I let out this sound that no one had ever heard before......she got in my face and showed me how to "row my r." I tried again...and again....and again.......and I never made it sound like the sound she made. BUT I DID HAVE THE CLASS ROWING!!!! When the bell rung...she told me that she wanted to visit with me......I told her that I would stay....but it was going to make me late for my next class. She did not care. She informed me that "you are a disruption to her class" (imagine that??) and that I needed to find another class to take....because "that was my last day in Spanish class." So I graduated with no foreign language....of maybe, my foreign language was English....because I still have problems talking sometimes!!!!! And then...when my oldest daughter was in her Spanish class thirty years later....Miss Collins told the class..."I hope Lindsay is better than her mother was in my class." At least, she remembered me!!!

40 years already?? Doesn't seem possible. How did that happen? I cannot wait to see everyone!

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